Who is the owner?

Liza Ro

Founded by Liza Ro, an avid outdoor enthusiast, CampScape™ was born out of a simple yet profound desire: to equip fellow adventurers with the multi-functional tools they need to explore nature safely and comfortably.



Inspired by her own experiences in the outdoors, Liza embarked on a journey to create a collection of high-quality gear and accessories tailored to the needs of every adventurer. CampScape offers a carefully selected range of products designed to enhance your outdoor experiences, from mountain hikes to relaxed camping.

Our main goal?


CampScape isn't just a store, it's a community, a place where like-minded people gather to share stories, find inspiration, and embark on new adventures together. Committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, we aim to be your trusted companion on every journey.

Join us as we celebrate the spirit of exploration and the limitless wonders of nature. Welcome to CampScape, your gateway to adventure.